3-fold tie ONICE GRENADINE SILK_ Violet saddle stitching by hand


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  • Costruction: 3_fold tie
  • Width: 8m
  • Length: 148 cm
  • Fabric: 100% grenadine silk
  • Design : solid
  • Handmade in Italy
to EUROPE €19,90 - GRATIS from €99,00
to rest of the WORLD €39,90 - GRATIS from €255,00



The 3-fold tie is the most common one. Although it is a basic construction, it often represents the best choice. Recommended in the warm season for instance or with the heaviest fabrics that would turn out to be too hefty with more well-structured models.

Grenadine Silk

There are different kinds of grenadine silks, still the most prestigious and polished is the English Knot one. Its preciousness is due to the fact it is produced by ancient looms - which only two silk-factories in Como still own – through a very low and accurate production. Suitable for more informal occasions, but also for the most representative ones. Available in "Self-tipped" and “Untipped” with contrast coloured stitching version.


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More Information
Price €110.00
Match with With blue dress, With dark blue dress, With grey dress, With black dress, With striped shirt
Occasions of use At the office, Other events
Style Dandy
Construction 3-Fold tie
Collection 3 Ever Green
Style Solid
Fabric English knot Grenadine
Color Violet
Enable Hide Price No
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