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POCHSH 000742


Model: pocket square

Dimension: 31x31 cm

Content: 100% printed silk

Made in Italy

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The legend narrates that silk was discovered by the beautiful Chinese empress Lei-Tsu. Some cocoons dropped in her bowl while she was drinking tea in a garden. Removing them, she saw the fine and longest strings of silk and by that, she had the genial intuition to use it as yarn. Its own incredible features make silk the elected material for ties.

Printed Silk
A kind of silk obtained printing the design directly on a solid panel. The most complicated designs are almost always printed. The printed silks are perfect for making 7-fold ties and Untipped ones because of their light weight. Printing is divided in two categories: modern print and traditional one, still handmade. The latter is rare and much valued.

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for Men
Printed silk
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