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Printed Silk 3-fold tie KOALA-Blue

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  • Construction: 3 fold tie
  • Width: 8 cm
  • Length: 150 cm
  • Material: 100% Silk
  • Handmade in Italy
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3-Fold necktie



The legend narrates that silk was discovered by the beautiful Chinese empress Lei-Tsu. Some cocoons dropped in her bowl while she was drinking tea in a garden. Removing them, she saw the fine and longest strings of silk and by that, she had the genial intuition to use it as yarn. Its own incredible features make silk the elected material for ties.

The 3-fold tie is the most common one. Although it is a basic construction, it often represents the best choice. Recommended in the warm season for instance or with the heaviest fabrics that would turn out to be too hefty with more well-structured models.

Twill Silk (22 Oz.)

Noteworthy is also the Twill silk maybe the most used in the tie industry. It has a medium weight which makes such a silk versatile for disparate uses. Its hand is light, smooth and soft. It is particularly suited for untipped ties. Thanks to its characteristics it can be used indiscriminately in all the seasons.


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More Information
Price €70.00
Color Blue
Style Contemporary
Occasions of use At the office, Other events
Construction 3-Fold tie
Style Thematic
Fabric Printed silk
More Information
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