3 Fold tie TIRELLA in grenadine silk_ Sky Blue

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  • Model: 3 fold tie
  • Width: 8 cm
  • Lenght: 148 cm
  • Material: 100% grenadine silk
  • Design: pois
  • Handcrafted in Italy

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3-fold tie

It is the most common. Although it is the basic model, it is often the best choice. Advisable in the warm season, for example, or when using the heaviest fabrics, which would otherwise give life to a tie that is too double, used for more elaborate models.


Grenadine Silk

There are different types of silk gauze, although the most prestigious and sought after is the "English round" one c.d.La preciousness of the latter is due to the fact that it presupposes an extremely slow and accurate production, which only ancient frames can perform, frames that only two como silks still possess. Suitable for more informal occasions, but also for the most elegant. Available in "Lined" and "Unlined" version, with open stitching.

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