3-fold necktie COMO luxury printed silk - Yellow

3-fold necktie COMO luxury printed silk - Yellow

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Modello Construction: 3-fold tie

Larghezza Width: 8 cm

Lunghezza della cravatta Length: 148 cm

Materiale di produzione Fabric: 100% seta stampata

materiale Pattern: microdisegno

Fatto a mano in Italia Handmade in Italy

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The 3-fold tie is the most common one. Although it is a basic construction, it often represents the best choice. Recommended in the warm season for instance or with the heaviest fabrics that would turn out to be too hefty with more well-structured models.


Heavy Twill Silk (50 Oz.)

The Heavy Twill Silk is a very exclusive and sought-after fabric with a shine, smooth, soft and a hand exceptionally full. Each style is brought out as brightness on such a kind of silk. Soon after the English Hand Printed Silk, it is the best one, among the printed twill silks.

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