Printed silk double face pocket square FLORA - Black/Rust

Printed silk double face pocket square FLORA - Black/Rust

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  • Model: double face pocket square
  • Dimension: 33x33 cm
  • Matirial: 100% printed silk
  • Pattern : fantasy
  • Handmade in Italy


The clutch was born as a functional accessory over time has become an aesthetic quirk and has never gone out of fashion, especially in formal, gala, ceremonies. It is worn with suits and jackets and the function is mainly to break up the monotonous formal men's suit

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Printed Silk

A kind of silk obtained printing the design directly on a solid panel. The most complicated designs are almost always printed. The printed silks are perfect for making 7-fold ties and Untipped ones because of their light weight. Printing is divided in two categories: modern print and traditional one, still handmade. The latter is rare and much valued.

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