You have a tie that you can no longer wear because it is too aged, or because it has a stubborn stain, or it is unstitched, or has a bad smell, or is too old-fashioned. Don't even think about throwing it away: it's a tie that is too important for you, it's valuable, or you're tied to it for emotional reasons.
What to do, then?
This question is answered and our Tie Hospital intervenes.
Send it to us! It will be a patient of whom we will take care and, with due skill, we will know how to make it like new.

ospedale della cravatta


Tie Hospital is a special department of the DM Ties dedicated to regeneration of ties. Like a real hospital, with dr. Veronica Malangone responsible, we take care of worn and shabby ties to revive them and give them new appearance and consistency.

With the regeneration of a tie we can intervene on various problems, such as: stained tie, worn tie, faulty tie, ripped tie, old-fashioned tie, tie with bad smells, which has lost the reactivity or the volume.

And again, we can revive your collection of ties by changing its shape and base dimensions. Therefore, démodé ties 10.0 cm wide, for example, with our Custom-made service can be transformed into very modern 8.0 cm ties, or other dimensions of your preference. You can also request to have your initials embroidered, or shorten the tie or simply have the inner lining replaced (triplure), to return to having a reactive and consistent product, as just purchased.


  • Tie regeneration (based): min 15,00€; max 20,00€
  • Stretch tie: +5,00€
  • Untipped tie: +10,00€

The Regeneration service includes:

  • always: the necessary intervention (previously agreed); replacement of the inner core (with a new high quality brushed wool); washing and ironing (to give shape and support to the shape of the tie);
  • possible: width reduction; length reduction.

Sending the tie to be regenerated to the DM Ties is at the discretion of the Customer. The shipping costs for the regenerated tie are € 9.90.


To request the Tie Restoration service you must be registered with our CLUB, if you have not already done so you can do so at this address https://www.dmties.it/en/dmties-club then contact our Customer Care at +39 089 200 136, or write us via the contact form or e-mail to contact form or send e-mail to info@dmties.com. By opting for the email, attach a photo of the ruined tie, to allow us to make a first diagnosis of the case and assess the feasibility of regeneration. After that, if we consider it possible to proceed with the intervention, you can send us the ties taking care to indicate, if more than one, the type of intervention required for each of them.

In this video, shot directly in our laboratory, we show the regeneration procedure of a Regimental tie by one of our customers that required the reduction of the width of the blade. At the same time, the brushed wool interior is replaced to give it new consistency and eliminate odors, normal when a tie is used intensively. At the end of the processing, before sending it back to its rightful owner, it receives a special ironing and washing treatment.


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